There are over 3000 sheepfolds in north Wales, a number of which are 'multicellullar', that is, they have 4 or more cells. Many of these are in the Carneddau region, shown below. This site is dedicated to these sheepfolds, showing how they work, where they are and how they fit into the history of sheep farming in north Wales. They are amazing structures which have stood the test of time and many are still in use today.

I first started taking aerial pictures of these structures in 2018 and so far have visited over 50 sites, most of them, but not all, in the Carneddau. Talking to farmers, archaeologists and local residents of the area has helped to piece together all the information that you find on this site. In particular, I would like to thank the following people for their contributions and help: 

John Ll. Williams, Ieuan Wyn, Arwel Edwards, Arwyn Oliver, Dafydd Roberts, Catrin and Elfed Jackson, Dafydd Pritchard, Dewi Jones, Twm Elias, Wyn Griffith, Roland Wyn Jones, Jane Kenney, Fiona Grant, Catrin and Arwel Roberts, Megan Tomos, Richard & Jen Temple-Morris and Sian Beidas.

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I would like to thank the following organisations for their help:

The National Trust

Carneddau Landscape Partnership

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust

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Nigel Beidas January 2023