Multicellular Sheepfolds

Cynefin Sheepfolds

Cynefin sheepfolds were also used by the quarrymen who were often smallholders. During the week as they walked to work they left their sheep on the commons near Talyfan and then on the way back from work they would pen them up for the night in the cynefin sheepfolds.

Wash Pens

A 1980s sheepfold

The Buarth Fedw sheepfold was built by Dafydd Pritchard of Glanmor Isaf farm in the mid 198os, and is still in use today. The sheepfold was built during winter when the ground was soft, which made it easier to set the slate pillars in place.



The sheep are also sheared in this fold.

Fox Traps

This picture was taken by Arwel Roberts and is courtesy of Jane Kenney, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust.

Cytiau Myn - Feral goat enclosures

Shepherd Shelters