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Sheepfolds in Wales - pictures of sheepfolds on Wikipedia

Medieval and Post-Medieval Agricultural Features in North-West Wales - review of sheepfolds and other historic sites in north Wales (GAT 2014).

The Archaeological and Agricultural Significance of the Multicellular Sheepfolds of Snowdonia - Fiona Johnson (1998)

Changes in rural Wales in the Industrial Revolution - Dr Frances Richardson

Sheep Ear & Body Identification Marks in Wales - Dr Dafydd Roberts, reprinted from Folk Life 1981-2 (Volume 20)

A history of enclosures in Britain - The Land Summer 2009

Sheep stealing 1730 - 1830 - Nicholas Woodward, Agricultural History Review

Stone fox traps in the Lake District - Sean Adcock Stonechat No 25 (October 2011)

Sheepfolds in Croatia - Academia link

Stells  - circular sheepfolds in Scotland


Hanes Dyffryn Ogwen - articles relating to the history of the area including farming (John Ll. Williams a Lowri W. Williams).

Ffermio yn Llanllechid - the history of farming around Llanllechid (Dafydd Fôn Williams) .

Clustnodau - notes on earmarks (Y Casglwr, Cymdeithas Bob Owen).

Nodau Clustiau - article in a 'Eco'r wyddfa'

Waen Gynfi yn yr Hen Amser - the story of Gruffydd Ellis and a fox trap (Cymru'r Plant 1905) 

Y Bugail - poem by Uwchlyn in Y Tyst, 25 Tachwedd 1914 

Tarddiad y gair 'Heft' - Ieuan Wyn


Anna Pritchard - 'Clustnodau' textile designs

Carrie Rimes - Cosyn Cymru ewe's milk products

Ear Marks - North Wales Police books

Arfon Ear Marks

Meirionydd Ear Marks